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Zieta Collection is made in innovative FiDU technology and designed by Zieta Design Studio and Oskar Zięta.

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The Gradient


The Gradient Collection combines an exceptional depth and unparalleled reflections of the colorized surfaces.

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The Heat


Deep and intriguing color is obtained through the use of high temperature, extracting the surprising beauty of metal without the use of chemical dyes and reagents.

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Copper is a noble material whose unique and luxurious character and properties is the result of shaping forces of nature and man.

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About us

Zieta comes from radical, bold philosophy of design and production process with FiDU technology.

Our work on Instagram

If you dream of dreamy interiors, this is what you should have on your wall – a big round #RONDOmirror. Here, reflecting the Tribeca Loft designed by @marinahanischinteriors and photographed by @lindseabrown.⁠

Take a closer look – it's the real mirror acting magically!

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#TAFLAOmirror in a contemporary style bedroom. Located at the far end of the enfilade, it attracts the eye and creates an interesting perspective. How do you like it?⁠

For more information about TAFLA O mirrors collection, go to the link in bio. ⁠

The interior design is by Felix Dzeranow @felix_dzeranov and Kristina Artyushevska @kristina_archy⁠. Photography by Egor Pyaskovsky @egor.piaskovsky⁠. Reposted from @luminosoby.

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Thank you, Sebastian Sliwinski Studio @sebastiansliw, for this stunning arrangement of the OKO mirror in this elegant contemporary classical interior.⁠

We totally agree with the designer that this living room is a dream! Zieta Studio's #OKOmirror gives it an additional dreamy dimension...⁠

Read more about this steel inox mirror in the link in bio 🔍

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Three #TAFLAO mirrors adorn the wall with their organic bionic shapes at Mayer Magazine's @mayer_magazine office interiors. They are like huge drops of liquid metal immortalized in motion. ⁠

What do you think of such a minimalist setting? ⁠

If you want to know more about our TAFLA mirrors go to the link in bio!

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Thank you, Grzegorz Stępniewski @grzech_photography for capturing these beautiful colour reflections on our RONDO mirrors and on the glass of the MOS Scene of the @teatrwkrakowie.⁠

If you haven't visited the “INFLATALES. Oskar Zięta’s Steel Stories” exhibition in Cracow yet, the following days are the last ones to take the chance! Don't miss it, it is really worth it! 😁⁠

Inside, you will find a wonderful world of Oskar Zięta's steel design – full of surprises and magic! Read more about the exhibition in the link in bio.

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This is the last weekend of the “INFLATALES. Oskar Zięta’s Steel Stories” exhibition at the GAGA - Gallery of Architecture @galeria_gaga @malopolska_garden_of_arts @teatrwkrakowie.⁠

The enchanted #RONDOmirror is waiting for you outside...⁠

Photo: @grzech_photography

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