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The Gradient collection combines an exceptional depth and unparalleled reflections of the colorized surfaces. Soft transitions between colors provide the viewers intensive visual experiences. A change of point of view leads to a change in color perception

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Collection of Mirrors and Wall Decor – the True Poetry of Colours

Mirrors from the Gradient series are made of stainless steel, polished to a mirror finish and covered with a special lacquer, creating on their surface a unique composition of colors with exceptional depth and unparalleled reflections.

Forms sculpted with air

Mirrors such as Rondo Gradient are made in FiDU technology, based on the inflating sheet metal. This way, the flat object is turned into three-dimensional object with characteristic shapes. The surface is polished to mirror gloss. This difficult and time-consuming process allows to change plain metal into mirror. 

Mirrors that bend the reality

The surface of the objects such as RONDO mirror or KAMYKI wall decor gains slightly curved appearance, reflecting images and surroundings in front of it. Natural forming of the material during the inflation process leads to creating unique bends and folds on inner and outer edges.

Advanced technological process

Colorization of smooth surfaces is not an easy task. Research on dying techniques and selecting proper materials took long months. Numerous trials and tests resulted in mastering a formula of proper saturation, adhesion and durability. Special painting technique allows to apply a proper coat and create a colorful gradient.

Bathed in a mesmerizing color palette.

A collection provides unprecedented depth of visual experience and mirror surfaces. Soft transitions between emerald and sapphire shades provide the viewers intensive visual experiences. A change of point of view leads to a change in color perception. Gradient collection consists of Rondo and Tafla mirrors.

Elegant and sublime

Deep, dark, blue and intriguing. New unique finish of Rondo Deep Space takes the spectators for an unexpected journey into undiscovered world of reflections. The mirror resembles of cosmic wonders and at the same time can be fitted with most demanding and elegant interiors.

Our work on Instagram

Cafe 010110101 is a stylish, modern and totally unusual city cafe in Kaliningrad at Koloskova Street, designed by Elena Bezsmolova @beinterno. The cafe’s interior is full of Zieta Studio’s design: PLOPP stools and Chippensteel 0.5 chairs accompany the coffee tables and the steel bar table. On the wall, you can look into the TAFLA C3 mirror.⁠

Location: @cafe_010110101
Photo: @sergeyananiev⁠
Stylist: @alena_ponomareva_decorator⁠
Furniture: @zieta_studio⁠
See the link in bio to shop Zieta Studio's seatings!

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The geometric shape of TAFLA C is a perfect match for such an extraordinary bedroom. The angular form of this contemporary mirror suits the radical, black background well, thus creating an interestingly strong contrast in this unobvious space.⁠

Thank you, @mossi.atelier for this stunning arrangement! ⁠

Click the link in bio and find out more about Zieta Studio mirrors 🔝⁠

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The power of reflection expressed in the TAFLA O mirror 🔥 Thank you, @12.abi.11, for this amazing photo!⁠

TAFLA mirrors series features irregular oval mirrors made of inflated steel using FiDU technology. Explore them in the link in bio.

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A perfection of organic lines, polished material and elegant arrangement – our G-Console Mono in inox finish with TAFLA O mirror. ⁠

This beautiful duo comes from the interior design created by @poliszdesign_by_kate_co. What do you think about it?⁠

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