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Transitions Collection features Zieta Studio’s mirrors in colours referring to change, a constant process taking place in the universe. TAFLA, RONDO and OKO mirrors in bold shades of transparent lacquers maintain their reflectivity in a play of light, shade and darkness.

Transitions Catologue

Transitions Collection

Transitions Collection of steel lacquered mirrors combines geometric forms with reflective surfaces and tonal transitions of two shades of colours. An interference between dark and light colours juxtaposed with distorted structures of Zieta’s mirrors creates artistic visual outcomes. 

Transitions Collection is a numbered edition of mirrors: RONDO, TAFLA C, TAFLA O, TAFLA Q and OKO.

Organic mirrors made of steel

Zieta Studio’s steel mirrors are created from two-dimensional metal sheets that are welded together and then inflated with pressurized air. Their unusual shapes and deformed edges generate endless possibilities of arranging them and experimenting with their colours. Two tones applied on their surfaces give them another dimension and volume.

Transient colours that reflect changes

Transitions Collection plays with light and dark tones. RONDO, TAFLA and OKO mirrors are covered with two transparent lacquers that interconnect to generate new tones and shades. This way and effect of transformation is achieved.

Dark Matter. Black & grey

The Dark Matter mirrors feature transition between deep dark black colour and transparent lacquer. From black, to grey tones, the colour disappears and leaves the way to the pure polished inox steel. 

The Dark Matter mirror reflects and absorbs light at the same time. It is a variation of two basic visual elements: light and darkness.

Red Rubin. Black & Red

The Red Rubin mirrors mix the ruby red colour in their center with dark, almost black tone at their edges. The series is a reference to the planet Mars and to one of the most precious cardinal gemstones on the planet Earth, the blood-red coloured ruby. 

Mirrors in this extravagant and noble colour look like giant stones manufactured out of pure joy.

photo by Weronika Trojanowska, scenography Ula Kaczmarek, Courtesy NOTI & Weronika Trojanowska, scenography Ula Kaczmarek & Ada Gruszka

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